About us

Stay Sharp Sydney was founded to bring the best quality products and knife sharpening service to Sydney, Australia.

We bring over 15 years of experience from a combined background in professional catering equipment and professional catering.

We believe great products and great service go hand in hand

Our blade and knife sharpening specialists are passionate about servicing to your  individual requirements. We make the up most effort to sharpen knives and blades in a besboke way dependant on there use. We also pride ourselves  in  offering advice  in maintaining the sharpeness of your tools and the importance of staying sharp.

At StaySharp Sydney, we ensure your knives are sharpened with meticulous and intrinsic precision and sharpened delicately. Many knife sharpening services and ‘off the shelf’ knife sharpening systems use dry grinding wheels in all shapes and sizes. These coarse, dry stones grind away much more of the blade than necessary. They also overheat the blades which instantly causes the knives to lose their hardness, compromising the quality of the blade and de-valuing the knife. 

At StaySharp Sydney, we use specialised water rotary stones. This system keeps the blade cool which keeps the metal strong. The smallest amount of metal is removed guaranteeing the longest life of the knife.

AStaySharp Sydney  we are highly skilled at all types of blade repair, knife sharpening and re-edging.

If your blade  has a chipped edge, has been badly ground down or has a broken tip, we can fix it at a small cost. Your knives will be given back to you as good as new, razor sharp, with a mirror finish.

We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirments.