Knife Sharpening Price Guide

Small Knife (Under 6")

Knife  Sharpening:                        $4.00
Re- edge:                                        $7.00
Serrated Sharpening:                     $10.00
Fix/re-shape:                                 $12.00

Medium Knife (7 - 9")

Knife  Sharpening:                       $7.00
Re-edge:                                       $14.00
Serrated Sharpening:                   $17.00
Fix/re-shape:                               $19.00

Long Knife (10" +)

Kife Sharpening:                          $11.00
Re-edge:                                        $21.00
Serrated Sharpening:                     $24.00  
Fix/re-shape:                                 $26.00

Cutting tools Price Guide

Veg Prep Blades                            $9.00
'S' Blades                                    POA
Meat Slicing Blades                    $55.00

All prices include GST with pick up and drop off service

Minimum Charges Apply

Please note, this list is a GUIDE only and we will ALWAYS try to give you the best price once we have assesed your blades.

Advising quotes with out seeing the knives can prove tricky as there are so many variables;

  • What brand are the knives?
  • How many knives do you have?
  • What size are the knives?
  • Do they need re-edging and if so to what extent?
  • How many need re-edging and how many sharpening?

The guide below is to assure you of the value we offer.

We will absolutely offer  you the most competitive prices available once we gather the informtion required to quote.

So please contact us as we would love to hear from you..